I've been bending in the middle I've been snapping at the sides
Since she went and knocked on lover boy's door
Pride don't come into it i've asked her to come back
But she ain't coming back anyway anymore

My baby has gone

Nine years seems to me to be a long time
That's the time that we spent together
Too long just to throw it all away

But she wasn't happy with the way that time
Didn't make things different didn't seem inclined
To change me from the jack she'd won
To the kind of man she wanted me to become

She was only young when she said i was the one
She said living with me was good fun
I took each day as that day came
Then she was happy to do the same
But recently we've had no future
My drinking was to blame

My baby has gone
She walked away

And I, I howl at the moon
You know i found out lover boy
He said he'd be back soon
Then he ducked back in the kitchen
That's the last time he was seen
I'm stumbling through the alleyways
This is the darkest night there's ever been

I've tried every kind of a refuge
But nothing will ease the pain
They tell me that I'm better off free
they never loved like we did
And i never will again

My baby has gone
She walked away
She didn't say goodbye

© kidulis


There is a basement party
I bet you will be there
And so I count my money
Blow kisses at my hair

Oh I remember
The healing in your darkness

Attending to another
You pass and try hello
You say you’ll be returning
Then up the stairs you go

Was that a line to escape with
Or were you asking me to stay?
I decide to believe that you’ll come back to me
I hold on to nothing and two paper cups

But you’ve been gone for ages
I’ll take a look upstairs
Nobody’s seen you all night long
Nobody really cares

Why did I not detain you?
Why did I let you go?

And now the party’s over
And this particular dream must die
But just before the candle burns
Here’s mud in your eye!

© Kidulis

Rusty Love

Once I fell in with a girl

She made be believe I could be happy in this world

She asked me to give her anything

I refused but then I gave it to her anyway

Then she went away

I was OK, I wasn't suffering

That wasn't good enough, so she gave me a ring

I was thinking about eternity

As we took it to another plane

Then she went away

Rusty Love is all I have within me now

Rusty Love. I don't care too much anyhow

At least my heart doesn't break every day or two

Rusty Love. Funny all the things we used to say

Rusty Love. I don't care too much anyway

At least my heart doesn't break every day or two

So I asked her to come home

She said, "I'm back with the boy I was with before, don't spend your time alone

Be open to relationships

That's what I was trying to say."

Then she went away.

(C) Kidulis


How come you get the wrong end of every stick?
Either you're a genius or else you must be thick
How did you let your first love slip away?
Your life is like a house that Jack built in a day
I say what I like, I like what I say
I sneeze and cough together if I have to be sick
It saves time

I love to see her walking in her Yellow Bikini
To see her hair hanging behind her Yellow Bikini strap
Even though her feet are hidden in the mists of memory
She must be wearing something on them tasteful and free
That's another thing to notice when I enter the dream
If I can find the combination I'll be going back

I really should have kissed her
But I was paralysed and numb
I wasn't ready Eddy
I was just learning to be dumb
So I wrote her an unsuitable letter
The sort that her parents shouldn't find
The parents then went and read the letter
And the love affair began to unwind

She's got a break in her voice sounds like cherries and peaches
That's the sweetness I need to make me jam
I will never surrender I will seek her on the beaches
I'll follow that bridge across the void as far as it reaches
I'll pull her through that hole before time repairs the breaches
I'm a Yellow Bikini snatcher man, that's what I am

Yellow Bikini, Yellow Bikini
I'm running back to find her just as fast as I can
I'm a Yellow Bikini snatcher man, that's what I am


He walks around the corner
She doesn't even know his name
He's carrying his hairstyle
Like a Donkey wears his mane
Indifferently she backs him up
against the nearest wall
When he's in the right position
then she manages to fall
She murmurs that she's sorry
As she activates the game
He switches on and thinks
that this must be his lucky day
"Anytime!"" he says
exactly what she thought he'd say

Someone walks around the corner
Someone bleeding on the floor
She wrinkles up her nose
And disappears through the door
The wounded man is desperate
so he follows her inside
She tells him "Better leave
I'm going to take a Donkey ride"
But he loves her like a suicide
falling on a sword
He drags himself towards her
like the beast who wouldn't die
She escapes upon the Donkey
and they both go home to lie down

He haw!

They wake up in the morning
She can't believe his ears
He checks them in the mirror
He says "They've been that way for years"
She thought that he was larger
when he blocked the corridor
She thought that he was handsome
she can't see it anymore
He pretends to be amused
But there's a little bit of fear
She gets out of bed
and takes her knickers from a messy drawer
He wonders if he'll ever see her
naked anymore

She makes a little breakfast
She's not inclined to speak
He takes what he is given
Though his stomach's feeling weak
The wounded man comes calling
and her body comes alive
She site upon the wounded knee
the Donkey's mortified
He discovers he is bleeding
When he goes to take a leak
Meanwhile inside the other room
the wounded man gets well
As she hangs around his neck
and puts him underneath the Donkey spell

He haw!

By special request of Marina, here are the lyrics to This Thing, the current single and title track of the album


White raincoat, collar turned up
A cup of coffee and a chicken pie
Green bus rolling round the roundabout
The world and the other
and all the mothers go by

Can you feel me looking at you
Are you considering looking at me too
Is there something you can do
about the matter with me?

Hey little bird, can i come home with you
If there's nothing you're supposed to be doing?
Hey little bird, are you feeling groovy too?
Shall we see what happens when we pull this string?
What are we gonna do with This Thing?

Black tights underneath a pair of shorts
Seems like a funny combination of hose
She's thumbing away, sniffing on her handy
She's just too cool to blow her nose

Now she's opening up her laptop
And she's got to call her friend up
"I'm feeling kinda funny
Are you coming tonight?"

Hey little bird….

Hey little bird, will you come home with me
For an Einstein and Marilyn Monroe fling?
Hey little bird, i think it could be groovy
Shall we see what happens when we pull this string?
What are we gonna do with This Thing?

(words and music all titles by Brendan Kidulis)

© Kidulis